As well as being a destination full of charm, history and culture, Cagliari is in an ideal position for exploring the beautiful southern coast of Sardinia.
From the capital, in fact, it is possible to easily reach some of the most sought after destinations of the whole island: Villasimius to the southeast, Cala
Tuarredda and the beaches of Chia to the southwest, are just some of the most beautiful destinations that you will go to to discover!
So prepare your towels, cream and sunglasses, the south coast of Sardinia is waiting for you!

WWF reserve of Monte Arcosu
Almost four thousand hectares of forest, with a heart of holm oaks and corks, where the Sardinian deer, symbol of the island fauna, wanders undisturbed.
The Monte Arcosu reserve is inserted in the largest park of Gutturu Mannu (large gorge), within a mountainous and forest area, included in the territory
of Assemini, Capoterra, Siliqua and Uta, a few tens of kilometers from Cagliari.

Cagliari jealously guards the history and memory of the ancient civilizations that have followed one another. Over the centuries, the peoples who inhabited it have been so numerous and different that they instill an open and welcoming character towards the visitor.
Observing Cagliari from the sea, however, the suggestion remains to enter a scenic city, easy to see for the immediacy of the panoramas, and multiple in
the continuous variation of the points of view. The African flavor of palm trees and limestone yellow is tempered by a markedly western architecture, the
combination of characters so distant, makes the city unique in its multiplicity.

Glimpses of historic neighborhoods overlooking the sea, shopping streets and panoramic terraces, including the inimitable bastion of Santa Croce, where
you can spend romantic evenings after fiery sunsets.
Cagliari is the main and most populous city on the island, in the center of a metropolitan area of 430 thousand inhabitants (over 150 in the capital alone),
as well as the gateway to Sardinia and the Mediterranean cruise hub.
It preserves millenary events in the four historic districts ranging from prehistory to the Savoy government.